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Whether you are in a marriage or common-law relationship, separating from your spouse can be one of the most difficult times of your life. Let our experienced Vancouver family lawyers guide you through the process.



At Crossroads Law Vancouver, we believe in a client centered approach to family law and divorce. Your interests always come first, whether in trial or at a divorce mediation. We are passionate about what we do and the mission of our Vancouver family lawyers is to help people find success after a separation or divorce while providing excellent customer service.  We believe in listening to your needs and customizing our approach to your particular separation or divorce.


Our Vancouver family lawyers are experienced in divorce court, mediation and family law arbitration. We also provide immigration and business law services.  Protecting your legal rights and making decisions that are in the best interests of your family are the top priorities for our family lawyers and paralegals. We take pride in our divorce and separation services and we have a record of success in divorce court and in reaching attractive out of court spousal support and family property settlements*. We also provide unbundled family law services and legal coaching if you want to represent yourself in court.

*Based on an internal review of court decisions and settlements. No law firm, including Crossroads Law can guarantee results


Many people going through a separation or divorce would prefer to represent themselves in family court in order to reduce legal costs, but they still want legal coaching to assist them in the background. This is why we provide legal coaching and unbundled family law services so you don't have to pay an expensive retainer to a lawyer to get legal help. You decide what our family lawyers and paralegals can do for you and you pay as you go. We can help you draft and edit your legal documents or give you legal advice so that you can represent yourself in your divorce or separation. 

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We understand that you have worked hard to accumulate your wealth. That is why we work hard to protect it. Cohabitation and prenuptial agreements are designed to preserve assets and clarify how much spousal support a spouse would receive in the event of separation and divorce. This is important even in common law relationships as assets accumulated in common law relationships are subject to equal division without a cohabitation agreement. Our Vancouver family law and divorce lawyers provide cohabitation and prenuptial agreements for a flat rate of $2499*.

Legal fees can be scary. That’s why our legal billing practices are responsive to the needs of our clients. We offer flat rate legal fees for many of our services including prenuptial agreements ($2499), divorces ($899) and separation agreements ($1999)**. We are also open to taking some family law and divorce files on contingency.

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