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Whether you are in a marriage or common-law relationship, separation and divorce can be one of the most difficult times of your life. Let our experienced family lawyers guide you, from the initial consultation to dispute resolution. Our Grande Prairie family lawyers also help clients going through separation and divorce across Alberta and British Columbia.



Child support can be the first thing parents think about during separation and divorce. We understand that financial uncertainty can be especially stressful when children are involved. At Crossroads Law Grande Prairie, we have helped hundreds of separating and divorcing parents determine how much child support should be paid. This includes cases involving complex business incomes and international child support cases when the parents are living in different countries.


Married couples in Canada can file for divorce if they have been separated for at least one year, in the case of adultery, or if there has been any physical or mental cruelty. As your family lawyers, Crossroads Law Grande Prairie will provide hassle-free, flat-rate legal advice for uncontested divorces for $899 plus GST and disbursements*. We guarantee that your divorce will be filed, or you will receive a refund.

*Does not include filing fees at your local court house or the costs of serving your spouse with documents if they refuse to attend at our office to pick them up.

What our clients are saying about us

I really appreciated Marcus' approach to my file. He was always the voice of reason and I believe that his sound and timely advice led to the best possible outcome for me. I appreciated his ability to cut through the nonsense and focus on the important issues while having empathy for the whole family. It was clear that he had my family's best interest at heart.

Marcus was a strong and knowledgeable resource that kept me well informed throughout the process. Something I feel is very valuable in any lawyer is to minimize surprises and provide transparency from the very start. Marcus and his team did this for me and made me feel a valuable and respected client. I would recommend Marcus to anyone seeking legal advice especially when it comes to the divorce process. His honest and trustworthy personality helped me feel comfortable through an otherwise uncomfortable time of my life. My son and I are forever grateful for all you have done Because of your hard work, our lives are better and you have helped secure my son's future. Thank you is not enough to express my gratitude.

Marcus is an extremely knowledgeable lawyer and I was glad to have him guide me through the entire experience. He gave me honest, thoughtful feedback on how to successfully navigate the process and you can tell that he has his clients' best interest at heart. I owe him a debt of gratitude for all that he's done for me.

Marcus has a great way of distilling the important, valuable, and nascent points out of my ramblings. During mediation he was aggressive when it was needed, and he was calculating/strategic/defensive when that was needed. He is my voice of reason and he's got my back (even if that means telling me to rewrite that scathing email I typed in a fit of rage). I trust Marcus with my family law issues and I will remain his client for as long as I have to deal with my ex. Thank you, Marcus, for being my champion and my guide when I needed it the most.


Legal fees can be a genuine concern of those entering into a legal battle. Anticipating this, we designed our billing practices to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our clients. Flat fees are available for many of our services. Those include prenuptial agreements ($2499), divorces ($899), and separation agreements ($1999)**. It’s also possible for family law and divorces cases to be taken on under contingency agreements. 

Are you planning to represent yourself in court? Legal coaches can be a more affordable option for legal services. If you choose to represent yourself, we can offer you legal coaching on achieving the best possible outcome. This legal assistance is available as legal coaching services, unbundled legal services, and limited-scope retainers. You’ll be prepared for your day in court by experienced family law lawyer, with the added bonus of being able to receive advice long distance, by email or phone. 

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