How long is a parent obligated to pay child support?

How long is a parent obligated to pay child support?

A parent is generally required to pay child support until the child reaches the age of majority, which is 18 in Alberta and 19 in British Columbia. However, there are some exceptions if a child is unable to withdraw from the care of their parents or become self-sufficient. This may occur when a child:

Has an Illness or Disability - if the child has an illness or disability that prevents them from becoming self-sufficient, the obligation may continue.

Is Pursuing Post-Secondary Education - a parent might be required to pay support if the child is enrolled in post-secondary education. However, mere enrollment is not enough. The court will also consider the child's academic, financial, and family circumstances.

Legal advice is strongly recommended due to the complexity of this issue. If you have additional questions about child support for adult children, feel free to consult our blog post by family lawyer Tanya Thakur for a more detailed explanation.

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