Cohabitation and Prenuptial Agreements

When entering a new relationship it is common for people to have concerns about how to protect their assets. One way that this can be done is through a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement. These agreements allow couples to set out how their assets and debts may be divided at separation.

Assets and debts that you have before you begin to live with someone can be protected by a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement. Also, you can plan on how assets and debts accumulated during the relationship may be divided if you separate. Spousal support is also something that can be addressed in these agreements.

There are free templates for prenuptial agreements on various websites but these should be handled with caution. The laws on family property are different in each province and the agreement will need to be written to address them. Many of these online templates also come from the USA which has very different laws around spousal support and property rights. Also, sometimes these templates are not drafted very well and have numerous errors and problems that could be challenged later in court. If you are serious about protecting your property and assets, a lawyer in your province should draft your prenuptial or cohabitation agreement.

At Crossroads Law we provide flat rates for many legal services including cohabitation and prenuptial agreements. Our flat rate for an uncontested* cohabitation or prenuptial agreement is $2899. This includes the time it takes to meet you, draft the agreement, all edits and a final meeting to go over the entire agreement with you and to sign it.

If you would like to know more about getting a cohabitation or prenuptial agreement please contact us.

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*uncontested agreements are those in which the parties agree on how to deal with assets and support. If the parties do not agree and negotiation is required, a flat rate will not apply and an hourly rate will apply based on the lawyer retained.