Meet Marcus Sixta

Marcus is the founder of Crossroads Law as well as Coach My Case, an alternative legal service that provides legal coaching and legal navigation for people representing themselves in court. Marcus has developed a reputation for successfully negotiating complex family law files. Marcus has also contributed to advancing public legal education by presenting family law topics to banks, mortgage brokers, real estate professionals, women’s shelters, and post-secondary institutions. He has been a supervising lawyer for Pro Bono Students Canada, Student Legal Assistance and he is a contributor to the Law Society of Alberta’s Family Law Practice Manual.


Ask a Family Lawyer | Mediation Part 1

Marcus Sixta, the founder of Crossroads Law, discusses Mediation and why Court may not be the best place to resolve a family law dispute.


Ask a Family Lawyer | Mediation Part 2

Melissa Salfi, an accredited Family Law Mediator at Crossroads Law, defines mediation and what you can expect from a mediation process.