Divorce and Separation

Spouses in Canada can get divorced if they have been separated for one year, if there has been adultery or, if there has been physical or mental cruelty. Most often, even where adultery or cruelty has occurred, spouses choose being separate and apart for one year as the reason for divorce. This is because proving adultery or cruelty can be a lengthy and costly experience in court.

A divorce can be granted in court, or a judge can grant a divorce without the parties having to appear. This is called a desk divorce. Before you are able to file for a certificate of divorce you must convince the court that you have child support arrangements in place.

If you would simply like to separate from your partner there is no legal document to file. However, the date of separation is an important factor as it may have an impact on how property is divided and how much spousal support is paid. There are a variety of factors which may indicate that you are actually separated like telling friends that you are separated, no longer sleeping in the same room, no longer sharing meals, no longer going on dates together, and opening up sole bank accounts. People can also be living in the same residence and be separated if they are living separate lives in that residence.

Money Back Guarantee
Crossroads Law understands the convenience and predictability of flat rate legal services. Therefore, we provide divorce filing for uncontested divorces at the rate of $1,499, and  $1,999 if there are children, plus GST and disbursements*. We also guarantee your divorce will be filed or your money back. If you’d like to contact us about your divorce please click here.

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*Does not include filing fees at your local court house or the costs of serving your spouse with documents if they refuse to attend at our office to pick them up.