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Your parenting schedule also determines how much child support is paid. "Shared" parenting applies when the parents each have a minimum of 40% of the total parenting time. If a child spends 60% or more time with one parent, put that parent in the Parenting Time Division box.

Child Support Guidelines Section 7 Expenses

Section 7 Expenses: Enter the total monthly amount for all special child-related expenses that fall in the following categories: school expenses or tutoring, daycare or childcare, dental or orthodontics, healthcare expenses including counselling, expenses for extracurricular activities including registration and equipment and costs for medical or dental insurance. Deduct any tax credits or benefits relating to these expenses first, otherwise the calculation will be inaccurate. If you are receiving spousal support this will change the proportionate sharing of section 7 expenses and the calculation for section 7 expenses below will not be accurate.

These expenses are apportioned between the parents based on their incomes.

Child Support Payment Analysis


Your information will not be saved or stored. The calculations in this child support calculator may not be accurate if one parent earns business income. This calculator provides information for parents with basic employment income and assumes the income entered is gross employment income only. For advice on child support when one parent earns business income, contact a family lawyer at Crossroads Law.

The information provided in this child support calculator is summary information only and does not constitute legal advice. The calculations produced by this child support calculator are based on the formulas and tables in the Child Support Guidelines but not all potential support scenarios are included. The calculations produced by this calculator are for information purposes only and should not be relied on as legal advice in court. For legal advice on your specific situation, contact Crossroads Law.

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According to section 3 of the Child Support Guidelines, we calculate that the monthly child support payments will be:

Parent One's Payment

Parent Two's Payment

Parent will pay
per month
in section 3 child support


Section 7 extraordinary expenses for the children are to be paid proportionately by the parents as follows.

Total Monthly Net Expenses

Parent One's Share

Parent Two's Share


These graphs allows you to compare your total income before child support payments to your total income after child support payments.

Current Annual Total Income

  • Parent One's Gross Income:
  • Parent Two's Gross Income:

Annual Income After Child Support

  • Parent One's Income After Child Support:
  • Parent Two's Income After Child Support:

Annual Income And Child
Support Distribution

  • Parent One's Net Income:
  • Parent Two's Net Income:
  • Child Support Payments:

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