Adrianna Banaszek

Calgary and Vancouver

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Prior to obtaining her Juris Doctor from the University of Saskatchewan, Adrianna obtained her Bachelor of Journalism from Carleton University. Her journalism education is integral to how Adrianna approaches family law matters. She believes that understanding clients’ stories is essential to building relationships and finding effective, lasting solutions. She understands that the involvement of a pragmatic lawyer is especially beneficial in family disputes, and she strives to arm her clients with the legal knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for their futures.

Adrianna’s practice revolves around helping her clients restructure their family dynamic using a child-centered approach. To Adrianna, her clients are parents and spouses before they are litigants in the Court system. Therefore, her practice reflects the ideal that alternate dispute resolution options should be exhausted before litigating a matter in Court. However, if intervention of the Court system is necessary, Adrianna has a passion for relentlessly advocating for her family law clients at Court to ensure their personal reputations and financial situations are left intact.

Adrianna is a member of both the Law Society of Alberta and the Law Society of British Columbia, and she has appeared at the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, the Supreme Court of BC and the Provincial Courts of both provinces on a variety of family law matters.

Beyond the practice of law, Adrianna enjoys backcountry hiking, snowboarding and spending time with family and friends. Adrianna is first-generation Canadian, and fluent in Polish.


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