What's Included in Family Law Legal Coaching?

You decide how we can help you!

When you hire a legal coach with Crossroads Law, YOU decide how much help you need. This is sometimes called unbundling legal services as you can get assistance on any individual part of your family law case rather than the whole case at once. Your case can be unbundled into separate parts and our family lawyers and paralegals can help you get results by:

  • drafting or editing court documents for your separation or divorce, 
  • writing a letter for you to send to a family lawyer, 
  • drafting a prenuptial agreement, cohabitation agreement, or separation agreement, 
  • calculating the correct amount of child support or spousal support, 
  • calculating the proper division of matrimonial property, 
  • helping you negotiate a divorce settlement, 
  • giving you information on how to navigate the family law system, 
  • giving you advice on your separation and divorce, 
  • going to court for you on one issue like guardianship, custody or child support, 
  • researching and preparing a legal opinion, 
  • preparing your speaking notes for a chambers application or family law trial,
  • preparing you for mediation or arbitration,
  • attending family mediation with you,
  • and much more! 

You decide how we can help you to represent yourself. You can use our services once or over the course of your case. We are all about your right to choose how much legal help you need. 

You can also choose to use one of our experienced family law paralegals to help you. Our paralegals can provide more affordable services than a family lawyer. Our paralegals are supervised and trained by our lawyers*. However, if you ever feel that you need to change course and get a lawyer to represent you in court, you can always retain one of our family lawyers. We believe you deserve options! 

*A paralegal can help edit and draft documents, give you information about legal processes and provide the correct court forms for you to complete. Court documents and contracts will require a final review by a lawyer. In Alberta legal advice can only be provided by a lawyer so paralegals cannot tell you what you should do in your case; they can only provide you with legal information so you can make your own informed choices. We don’t make these rules, they are the rules of the Law Society.