Can I Represent Myself in Family Court?

YOU control how much you pay for divorce or separation!

Family law legal coaching is also sometimes called unbundled family law legal services or a limited scope retainer. Legal coaching is a way for you to get the help and advice you need to represent yourself in your family law case but you decide how and when you need it. This way YOU control how much you spend for legal help and YOU control your divorce case!

If you plan to represent yourself in family court, legal coaching can help empower you to get the results you want at a price you can afford. Whether you need 15 minutes of legal advice or two days of assistance preparing for a divorce trial, how much legal coaching you need is up to you. 

We believe you deserve the freedom to choose how much legal help you need. When you use a legal coach through Crossroads Law you pay us as you go. No need for an expensive retainer! Our family lawyers can help you with one meeting for legal advice or one court appearance. It is up to you. 


Get help with your case no matter where you are!

At Crossroads Law our divorce lawyers and paralegals are available to help on the phone or by email anywhere in Alberta or British Columbia. There is no need to go to an office, so if you are in a remote or rural area you can still get the legal coaching or unbundled family law help you need to represent yourself in your family law or divorce case. 

People who represent themselves in divorce court can benefit from legal advice and assistance in the background. Legal coaching for your divorce or family law case may give you the assistance you need to get you the results you want.