For various reasons, many people now decide to represent themselves in court. In fact, some statistics indicate that 60% or more of all family law cases involve at least one self represented party

Sometimes people choose to represent themselves because they cannot afford a lawyer and they do not qualify for legal aid. Other times people choose to represent themselves because they believe they have the skills and knowledge to achieve success in court. In either situation, we know that individuals who represent themselves benefit from legal advice and assistance in the background.

The lawyers at Crossroads Law are dedicated to access to justice and believe that people deserve legal representation that meets their needs. Family law legal coaching can be a more affordable way to go to court for many individuals. Our lawyers will listen to your story and provide you with legal advice so you know exactly what direction to take. We can also edit and draft court documents, write letters for you and provide coaching on courtroom presentation skills. You can use our services once or over the course of your case.

Our coaching services are provided on an hourly basis and our rates differ depending on the lawyer you choose to use. If you would like to know more about our legal coaching services please contact us.