What Does Legal Coaching Cost?

A more affordable way to get legal help

With unbundled family law or legal coaching, you decide what services you need so there is no need to pay an expensive retainer. Law firms will traditionally ask you for $3000 or $5000 upfront before they work on your file. However, with family law coaching or unbundled family law you pay as you go. If you just need an hour of work, that is fine. 

At Crossroads Law, our legal coaching and unbundled family law services are billed on an hourly basis or at a flat rate. Hourly rates differ depending on if you choose to use a family lawyer or a paralegal to help you. 

Our paralegals are trained and supervised by our lawyers and their rates are more affordable than the average family lawyer. Our paralegals cost $150 per hour for everything they do*.  

If you feel your divorce or separation is more complex and you need a family lawyer to provide you with legal coaching, the hourly rate differs depending on the family lawyer you choose to use. Contact us for more information. 

You will be billed in 15 minute blocks of time for a lawyer or paralegal. You decide how much help you need so ultimately you decide how much you spend for a legal coach. 

Crossroads Law also provides many divorce and family law services on a flat rate basis so you know up front what you will pay. These include: 

  • Prenuptial/Marriage & Cohabitation Agreements ($2899), 
  • Divorces ($999) 
  • Separation Agreements ($2499)
  • Adoptions ($2999)
  • Adult Guardianship Applications ($2499)
  • Sperm Donor Agreements ($1699)
  • Wills $699
  • Will with power of attorney and personal directive $899

*A paralegal can help edit and draft documents, give you information about legal processes and provide the correct court forms for you to complete. Court documents and contracts will require a final review by a lawyer. In Alberta legal advice can only be provided by a lawyer so paralegals cannot tell you what you should do in your case; they can only provide you with legal information so you can make your own informed choices. We don’t make these rules, they are the rules of the Law Society.

**Flat rates are for uncontested matters only. Hourly rates apply for all contested matters.

** Prices do not include tax and other filing fees.